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What is Albanian Studies Hub?

This hub supports the successful collaborative efforts between the UBT Higher Education Institution and its partners all around the world. The overall goal is to assist Kosovo and Albania in the transition to a productive and successful market-driven economy.

The main aim of this hub is to promote  reforms in Kosovo and Albania by: conducting independent research on  growth and assisting in the creation of an adequate institutional framework for reforms; encouraging public debate on several  transition issues;  advocating for good governance policies as well as encouraging the involvement of the non-governmental sector.

Albanian Studies Hub Benefits

– Be involved in carrying out research and advocacy activities.

– Be involved in preparing policy papers and implement surveys.

– Improve capacities towards building an expertise in various fields.

– Be involved in various public debates on several economic transition issues.



“In Kosovo and in every country that claims to operate 5G, there should be fiber optic networks.  Kosovo, after the war, has a very good potential as it has invested a lot in a modern infrastructure with these networks thanks to many ISPs and institutions (UBT being one of them), who have created the opportunity for the implementation of 5G in our country as well.

“With 5G technology, the speed will be achieved in real time, very small delays and the high intensity of connections of equipment with nearly 1 million devices per square kilometer”

“Without Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, 5G would not be complete with the provision of digital services and market demands. These three components are undivided from each other. Due to the fact, Artificial Intelligence may teach us many things quite rapidly, only if there is a transport network, in this case 5G, which enables the transmission of this information or data on the Internet of Thing or technological equipment"

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