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What is UBT VR/AR Hub?

Even though VR and AR are still largely in the developmental stage, these concepts are no longer science fiction. Considering the pace of the technological development, as well as consumer and industry demands, researchers have put an emphasis on producing technology through which we solve problems and interact with our world.

In addition to serving as a major university in the Western Balkans and a European role model for an entrepreneurial and innovation-based university, UBT is also the home of one of EON Reality’s top international EON-XR Centers. Through this partnership, UBT students and professors have utilized EON-XR to create approximately 20,000 lessons — on subjects spanning 20 different programs . High-level educators and experts have selected the best of the batch to supplement the existing featured curricula for various subjects already on EON-XR.

Joining the self-directed learning movement as a way to effectively educate current students while also preparing the curricula for the future, the addition of the extra lessons will allow schools and businesses around the world to obtain and maintain comprehensive online courses for daily usage. Ultimately, the goal is to build a catalog of enough high-quality lessons to offer full academic curricula in numerous subjects and languages to educators and administrators for use in both remote learning as well as in-person classes.

From UBT’s point of view, hosting the EON-XR Cluster Center and bringing EON-XR to campus comes with the opportunity to distinguish  even further. By utilizing the interconnected self-service platform and the Classroom 3.0 model, the world-class school is able to improve the interactivity and retention in  lessons while also preparing students for the future by teaching them the technology that many leading industries and businesses are already using.

UBT VR/AR Hub Benefits



The establishment of a VR/AR Hub will provide exclusive technological access and opportunities for both students and companies in the region.

Users can get information about the fundamentals of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the hardware and history, different applications, and learn more about the challenges of each medium. They can also get information about the basics of 3D graphics, how to create objects and how to lay them out to create an environment. Users will also have the chance to explore how one can interact with a VR world, including the concepts and technologies of VR interaction. Finally, this hub allows interested users to utilize the skills to create unique VR projects and get more information about already existing projects created through this platform.



“UBT is proud to host the first EON-XR Cluster Center in Kosovo, and we believe EON-XR technology will flow seamlessly into our existing systems and technology. We always strive to be at the forefront of education, business, and technology, and this is clearly the next step forward in all of those. Operating an EON-XR Cluster Center is the perfect intersection of our three passions, and we will continue to improve and perfect our roles in each of them.”

“Working with an institution with as much distinction and significance as UBT shows how respected EON-XR is within both the education and enterprise communities. It’s become apparent that Augmented and Virtual Reality will be a major aspect of both the academic and corporate worlds in the future, and we believe that the opening of this EON-XR Cluster Center with UBT should set the industry standard in the entire region.”

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