UBT-Prishtina Innovation & Technology Hub

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What is Prishtina Hub?

Conceived as an inspiring new window for technology, innovation, information and entrepreneurship, offered to the youth of Prishtina and Kosovo, UBT Prishtina Innovation & Technology Hub, as the largest center of its kind, will educate innovators young people, entrepreneurs, future leaders of social change in Kosovo and beyond.



UBT-Prishtina Innovation & Technology Hub will be the place where a whole community of passionate people and entrepreneurs will come together with the main goal to bring positive change in the country and beyond. Also, this hub will be a source of inspiration which will provide meaningful activities and necessary training which will be of interest to. Finally, it is worth noting that the hub could be considered a physical space that provides a flexible and highly professional infrastructure for working, meeting, presenting, learning, and collaborating.


The mission of the center is to educate young innovators, entrepreneurs, future leaders of social change in Kosovo and beyond. The mission of this center is to provide adolescents and young people with new skills that will help them reach their full potential in life and bring about social change through innovation in the country, the region and beyond in the Balkans. Through research, development education, experiential learning, training, and counseling, this center seeks to further develop and strengthen the capacities of youth and adolescents, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff members of organizations to enable them to address the social challenges faced by the country and the region in general and provide innovative solutions for society.



UBT-Prishtina Innovation & Technology Hub aims to become the main destination of the innovation center for all young people by providing the most modern training infrastructure, model of startups in the field of technology, suitable environment for doing business, and generating employment and innovative new products.



-Caring for the community through engagement for young people

-Care in the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship

– Liaison between businesses, academia and the community

-Generation of new employment



-Knowledge, Application, Education and Experience

-Suitable space for the innovation center in the field of entrepreneurship

-Business environments with a variety of integrated services that offer many opportunities within a center

-Training of the latest trends in the field of technology

-Continuous monitoring of trends and changes

-Improving services, providing diversity of services

-Providing complete training available to all those who want to increase their skills

-Competitive price trainings that meet the needs of the community / and industry

Prishtina Hub Benefits

– We partner with universities, startups and established companies to co-create 5G concepts and trial them.

– We explore use cases that will benefit from 5G’s high speeds, massive bandwidth and ultra-low latency.

– We host panels, chats, executive roundtables, prototyping events and more.

– We share our expertise while we learn along with the community.

–  Teams tackle real-world challenges and focus on prototyping for 5G technologies.



“In Kosovo and in every country that claims to operate 5G, there should be fiber optic networks.  Kosovo, after the war, has a very good potential as it has invested a lot in a modern infrastructure with these networks thanks to many ISPs and institutions (UBT being one of them), who have created the opportunity for the implementation of 5G in our country as well.

“With 5G technology, the speed will be achieved in real time, very small delays and the high intensity of connections of equipment with nearly 1 million devices per square kilometer”

“Without Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, 5G would not be complete with the provision of digital services and market demands. These three components are undivided from each other. Due to the fact, Artificial Intelligence may teach us many things quite rapidly, only if there is a transport network, in this case 5G, which enables the transmission of this information or data on the Internet of Thing or technological equipment"

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