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What is Public Policy Simulation Lab?

A joint partnership between UBT and University of Cambridge in creating a center in Kosovo with a focus to help study, analysis, simulation, capacity building in the field of public policy in a systematic and comprehensive approach.

A center with such an approach, is the first center not only in Kosovo, in the Balkan region but also in the whole of Southeast Europe, combining the methodologies, platforms and knowledge that the University of Cambridge has created for several years in order to create an interconnection between public policy and systems engineering and UBT as an innovative system with a large cross discipline and number of expertise.

By working closely with stakeholders in Kosovo with a focus on the part of the Government in Kosovo, public policy governance, civil servants, together with UBT, an ecosystem will be created which will have an uplift quality of public policies, increase of values ​​and hope for a better quality of life, increase of competitiveness, increase of jobs, security, innovation, technology, digitalization and all the main public policy competences.

This is a 5 years project, firstly started as a pilot project. In the previous project that we worked on, in the follow-up and simulation of performance auditing in the focus of assessing the impact of policies in Kosovo and how to perform performance appraisal, it was noted that from the interviews we conducted in Kosovo, 98% of interviewers express the need and demand of such an approach to achieve the necessary results.

Therefore, from a preliminary research, from a detailed analysis, from a very long work of achieving a collaboration with a prestigious institution such as University of Cambridge and its team, this center will be an added value and will be a major contributor to public policy development.



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