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What is Science Hub?

UBT Science Hub recognizes and promotes outstanding science through election to membership; publications in its Knowledge Center, and its awards, programs, and special activities.

The Kosovo Science Hub mission is to bring together scientific knowledge produced by the Kosovo Joint Research Activities of member Intuitions: Research Institutes, Research Centers, Labs, Data and knowledge Centers.

At the moment our Scientific HUB has more than 350 PhD full time staff and the rest of Young Scientists, technicians and administrators, who make the first and largest non-public expert HUB in Kosovo and not only. All together they make a place-based entrepreneurial research and innovation-based ecosystem in Kosovo which is the first in the country.

The headquarter of the HUB is located in the UBT Science and Technology PARK called ‘UBT Innovation Park’. The Park is a member of IASP – International Association of Science and Technology Parks in Lipjan with a interdisciplinary based infrastructure to support education, research and development activities. First Kosovo Science Hub also has its regional and international locations/campuses/branches in Kosovo: Prishtina, Prizren, Ferizaj, Peja and Gjilan and their related offices in Budapest and in Vienna. The members the Hub are creating an international networking with more than 400 Institutions worldwide.

The members of Hub, during this period of time, generated and published more than 500 peer-reviewed publications, different projects were granted, different Spin Offs and Startups were created. The main focus of this HUB for 2025 is: Small Scale Ecosystem, Resilience, Innovation, Sustainable Development and Smart Solution for Local value.

At the moment, different programs and projects are in place under the umbrella of First Kosovo Science Hub.

Smart City Ecosystem / Smart Living Lab / UBT Smart City / Innovation Ecosystem / Knowledge Ecosystems / Place Based Ecosystems / Business Ecosystems / Resilience And Sustainable Development

Digital Transformation HUB / SENSORS HUB / 5G Lab / Testbeds / Immersive Technology LAB / VR/AR / Extended Reality, MR – Mixed Reality/ Intelligent Connectivity (AI + 5G + IoT)/ Data Science / Artificial Intelligence / Cybersecurity and Privacy / UBT CERT

Innovation Campus / Social Innovation Center / Business Incubation/ Technology Transfer Center / Knowledge Center / Scientific Labs / Spin Offs / University – Industry Cooperation / Associations

Most of these components already have their infrastructure and this is a very good base that can serve as a role model for Small Countries according to the EU Best Practices in Kosovo and in the region of the Western Balkans.

UBT CERT, a Center for Cyber Security and privacy is also member of EU Science Hub.

We are looking forward to joint international networking in order to act as member of global actors of Science and Innovation. Thus, UBT’s Science Hub invites everyone to create a more connected world through the power of their curiosity. As one of the only  Science Hubs in the country, we encourage curious minds from all backgrounds to explore, create, and share their ideas with us – and each other.

All Investments are made from the members and with some support through different granted projects of members getting from EU and USA.

For Cooperation, more information, for support or any feedbacks for impartments, please contact us at: [email protected]

We want to be the flagship for the Western Balkans small-scale entrepreneurial-innovation-based ecosystem. Join us!

Science Hub Benefits


– We  support joint transdisciplinary research activities in Kosovo.

– We work based on Open Science Concept.

– We’re educational.

– We embrace the experimental.

– We share our expertise while we learn along with the community.

– We pursue the unexpected.




“In Kosovo and in every country that claims to operate 5G, there should be fiber optic networks.  Kosovo, after the war, has a very good potential as it has invested a lot in a modern infrastructure with these networks thanks to many ISPs and institutions (UBT being one of them), who have created the opportunity for the implementation of 5G in our country as well.

“With 5G technology, the speed will be achieved in real time, very small delays and the high intensity of connections of equipment with nearly 1 million devices per square kilometer”

“Without Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, 5G would not be complete with the provision of digital services and market demands. These three components are undivided from each other. Due to the fact, Artificial Intelligence may teach us many things quite rapidly, only if there is a transport network, in this case 5G, which enables the transmission of this information or data on the Internet of Thing or technological equipment"

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