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What is UBT Docs?

The Center for documentaries, “UBT-Docs” offer the opportunity to students of the Faculty of Media and Communication, as well as Art and Digital Media at UBT, to produce documentaries on various topics, offering special training in camera, editing and making available all the capacities of UBT to other interested students as well.


UBT Docs is a great opportunity for UBT students to produce documentaries through the creative ideas and lessons they have gained at UBT, thus creating a unique blend in terms of theory and practice.


The purpose of this center is for the UBT students to have the opportunity to put to life their ideas and knowledge, through the production of documentaries on various social, cultural and artistic issues.




UBT Docs: “Xhamia më e vjetër në Preshevë” – Anesa Halimi – YouTube

UBT Docs: “Dream Date” – Anita Bakalli – YouTube

UBT Docs: “Varësia” – Driton Iseni – YouTube

UBT Docs: “Çarshia e Vjetër e Gjakovës” – Nesa Kryeziu – YouTube




“In Kosovo and in every country that claims to operate 5G, there should be fiber optic networks.  Kosovo, after the war, has a very good potential as it has invested a lot in a modern infrastructure with these networks thanks to many ISPs and institutions (UBT being one of them), who have created the opportunity for the implementation of 5G in our country as well.

“With 5G technology, the speed will be achieved in real time, very small delays and the high intensity of connections of equipment with nearly 1 million devices per square kilometer”

“Without Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, 5G would not be complete with the provision of digital services and market demands. These three components are undivided from each other. Due to the fact, Artificial Intelligence may teach us many things quite rapidly, only if there is a transport network, in this case 5G, which enables the transmission of this information or data on the Internet of Thing or technological equipment"

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